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Custom & Personalized Products for Horses & Horse Lovers

Baker Built Engraving, LLC dba

Signs For Equines Wood Plaque
Select Engraving Font
Select Engraving Image
Enter Your Line 1 of Text
Enter Your Line 2 of Text
Select Size of Line 1 Text
Select Size of Line 2 Text

For the 2 lines of text on your stall sign you can specify,  when ordering, which line of text you would like to be larger (taller), or whether you would like to have both lines the same height. (The more letters of text per line, the smaller the letter height will need to be in order to fit the width of the stall plate.)  Text will be sized accordingly while still allowing  room for your image at the left. Engraving will be blackened. (If you prefer to not have the letters blackened let us know in the comments or by email.)  You may provide any additional requests or instructions in the Comments, or email them to: jane@signsforequines.com

Item # 410BR2SIM


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4”x10” Brass 2 Lines w/Image Stall Sign

Beveled Edge Metal Wall

Bracket for 4”x10” Sign

Beveled Metal Frame

4 Holes for Mounting

directly to your stall wall or door

Metal Wall Bracket

A Wood Plaque

With Chain

A Wood Plaque

Wood Plaque w Chain Holes for Mounting Metal Wall Brackets

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Inserts for Brass

Inserts for brass & aluminum stall signs making them fit more snugly in metal wall brackets.


Make your brass stall signs fit more firmly in standard slide-in wall brackets! ~ Click here for more info.