Baker Built Engraving, LLC dba

Baker Built Engraving, LLC dba

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Rockford, OH  45882

(419) 203-4727 or (888) 614-1530

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How to Order

Please rest assured: if we have any questions concerning your order, we will call you and/or email you.  If there is something missing, we question a spelling, don’t understand what you want in your comments, etc., we will check with you before making your order.  We will even contact you on the rare event that a layout you select will not work due to the length of a name for example.  And we’ll suggest a layout that will look better, leaving the final choice up to you though.

If you have a question while ordering please don’t hesitate to call.  We will gladly help any way we can.  We want you to be absolutely thrilled and love your order when you get it.

How to order stall signs

1 - Select the category of stall sign, for example Granites Deluxe, 4x10 Brass or 2x8 Stall Signs

2 - Select your layout: 1 Line or 2 Lines w/Side Image

3 - Fill in the required information as applicable:

     Font - you can what available fonts look like by clicking on Engraving Fonts

     Image - all of our available images can be seen by clicking on Engraving Images

     Material - swatches of all of our available materials can be seen on our Materials page

     Text - enter text as necessary for the layout you have selected

     Comments - any requests or further instructions can be entered in the comments section or emailed to us at

4 - Add to Basket

5 - Repeat for each sign that you would like to order, if more than one

6 - Add any accessories you may want to make your sign(s) complete and unique, such as a metal wall bracket, wood plaque, or just holes to mount directly to your stall wall or door.

6 - Checkout

8 - Thank you for your business

How to order other products

For items that are not currently set up with a shopping cart button, we can typically take care of everything by email.  You may also call us if you like.