Baker Built Engraving, LLC dba

Baker Built Engraving, LLC dba

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Rockford, OH  45882

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About Us

Welcome to was started because it combines my passion for creating things and my passion for horses.  I love making things for people they will love and cherish.  As a horse lover I especially enjoy creating items for horse lovers and their horses, and I love helping folks.  Several years ago I had a dream of creating beautiful & unique items for horse lovers.  Now, through our engraving, embroidery & sand carving, I can do just that.  At we strive to create items that will Express Your Love for Your Horse (or horses), and Speak to Your Heart.  When your open your order from us, we want you to love it.

Personally I have loved horses since as early as I can remember, but didn’t get my first horse until after I was an adult.  I’ve had horses a total of approximately 20 years and have been involved in several different disciplines including driving draft ponies and barrel racing.  Currently I own 4 horses  and enjoy Natural Horsemanship, trail riding and horse camping.  I have taken my horses to the local county fair each year, mostly because I enjoy hanging out at the horse barn with all of the other horse people.  I spent a couple of years as assistant advisor for one of our local 4-H horse clubs.  Sharing my horses and love of horses is something I still enjoy doing and I give a few riding lessons each week, as well as this summer I will doing the horsemanship instruction at a local horse/church camp.

It is my goal here at to treat each and every person we come in contact with just like one of our horse friends.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if we can be of further assistance.

Thank you for stopping by our site,

Jane Cozad