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Inserts for Brass Stall Signs

Makes your brass stall signs fit better in your standard slide-in metal wall brackets.

Inserts for brass stall signs are not longer available.  The correct thickness of material has been discontinued from the manufacturer, and so far we have not found a replacement for it.

However, we have come up with a method that works and is less expensive ~ Actually we are offering it free on brass stall signs.  We include 2 dots on 2x8 brass stall signs, and 4 dots on 4x10 brass stall signs.  Simply order them at the left for the number of stall signs you are ordering.  (Limited to the number of signs you are ordering.)

If you have existing stall signs you would like to add them to simply send me an email and we can get you taken care of.

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Felt Dots for Brass Stall Plates
Quantity :

Old brass stall sign inserts - no longer available.

Quantity being the number of brass stall signs you are ordering of a particular size